Need someone to push you to that next level? Our personal trainers can help. They will design a plan that works best for you and support and encourage you every step of the way. Sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to over 1 hour — it’s up to you. We will help you reach the goals you’ve put your mind to. 

One Hour Session: $65

Half Hour Session: $35

Partner Session: $80

Exercise Program Design: $70

Includes 1 personal training session + program design. 

Biometric Fitness Assessment: $60

Before you make changes, you have to find out your level of fitness. The assessment includes biometrics: height, weight, BMI, body composition, flexibility, blood pressure, heart rate, muscular strength and endurance, plus cardiovascular fitness.

Body Scan Analyzer: $35 initial scan + coaching and counseling - $20 additional scan

X-Contact 356 Body Scan Analyzer includes a comprehensive analysis of body weight, body fat %, lean muscle mass, total body water, visceral fat level, waist-to-hip ratio, abdominal circumference, total energy expenditure, segmental body balance, and energy expenditure with client tracking software to keep track of progress.

For more details or to set up your first session, please call 269.226.3184.

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